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Stay on top of your contractors and projects
Project Snapshots

View a snapshot of your entire project pipeline so you can prioritise better

Project Calendar

Know what's coming up with the project calendar and automatic notifications

Manage and track the registration and approval of new contractors

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Register Contractors
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Fast Job Assignment

Search for contractors using specific criteria and assign jobs in minutes

Contractor Profiling

See everything you need to know about your contractors - including experience, accreditation, location, performance rating and more - at a glance you can select the right contractor for the job

Status Tracking

Track the status of each project so nothing slips through the cracks

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Digital Agreements

Use optional DocuSign integration to digitally sign agreements instantly without printing or scanning (and have the project's status automatically updated as a result)

Documents & Images

Find what you need in record time with all job documents and images stored centrally

Real-Time Updates

Share live project updates so you, your contractors and your clients remain in the loop without calls or emails

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Accessible Anywhere

Access anywhere, anytime with cloud technology

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Get the most out of your contractors
Job Reminders

Ensure they never miss a beat with automatic reminders of upcoming jobs

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View their availability before booking them

Accreditation Management

Help them maintain current accreditation and insurance using automated expiry reminders

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Customer Rating

Motivate them to do their best with the customer rating system

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Real-Time Information

Avoid the embarrassment and cost of returning to site with real-time communication and information sharing

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Project Images

Allow them to add images of completed work to the project for you to instantly review

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Impress your Customers
Enhance Client Relationship

Improve your client relationships by giving them direct access to project information

Live Updates

Share updates live so they can keep their customers informed

Show them you're committed to quality by encouraging their customers to rate their satisfaction for each job

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Commitment to Quality
One size doesn't fit all; 
customise chekya to suit you
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Add your own logo to build your brand

Terms of Engagement

Define your terms of engagement for inviting new contractors, employees and clients to join the platform

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Contractor Categorisation

Define contractor business categories and services for smarter and faster project resourcing

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Define Accreditation

Customise categories of accreditation and insurances and specify which ones are mandatory

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