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Why chekya?

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chekya helps B2B service providers take the risk out of outsourcing by giving you the tools to capture and monitor the skills, accreditation and insurance of your contractors. Doing this manually is expensive, time consuming and admin heavy. Not doing it, however, can have much bigger consequences, such as legal risks and damaged client relationships.

chekya's seamless technology allows you to stay one step ahead of risk management. It's never been easier to register, onboard, assign jobs and track the compliance and performance of your contractors. There's also the option of additional features that improve communication, help you stay on top of projects and speed up the agreement process.

You'll come away with a quality pool of motivated contractors, better client relationships and the reassurance that your business is protected.                                      

Redefine the way you work

It's time to ditch the complex spreadsheets, filing systems and paper. chekya stores all your project and contractor information, including communication history, documents and images, in one place. Powered by cloud technology, you can access it anywhere, anytime. On top of that, apps like chekya are proven to help businesses perform better.

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Business doesn't

have to be risky

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Lower your stress levels through foolproof risk management
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Ensure you're only assigning jobs to contractors with current accreditation and insurance (automated reminders tell them when they're due to expire)

Easily search, filter and scan other important contractor information - such as experience, performance rating, location and more - to help you choose the best contractor for the job

Monitor performance and quality from afar with our customer rating system (which also motivates your contractors to do their best)



Win more work

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Get an immediate ROI with tools that help you grow your business
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In times like these, geography shouldn't be an obstacle. Effortlessly expand your service area to attract more clients​

Spend the time and money you'll save completing more jobs and getting new clients

Build long term customer relationships through better communication, quality of work and organisation



Improve the way you work

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chekya makes it easy for you to make better business decisions and build credibility
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Find contractors and assign jobs in a few clicks

Live job updates save you, your contractors and your clients countless calls and emails

Speed up the agreement process with DocuSign, the world's most trusted electronic signature and agreement system

No more filing, printing or scanning. Add and share project documents and images in real time (and keep Mother Nature happy)



Our Story

We know what it’s like to be in your shoes because we were just like you. Our company began by outsourcing services to contractors who needed accreditation and insurance. Running a business is demanding as it is. Dealing with red tape made it even more so. We knew something had to change...


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